Shimano 105 Tension & Guide Pulley Set

Shimano 105 Tension & Guide Pulley Set

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105 RD-4601 Tension & Guide Pulley Set

  • Compatible models: RD-5800-SS, RD-5701-GS, RD-5701-SS, RD-5700-A, RD-5700, RD-4700-GS, RD-4700-SS, RD-4601-GS, RD-4601-SS, RD-4600, RD-3500-GS, RD-3500-SS, RD-3400, RD-R2000-GS, RD-R2000-SS, RD-2400-GS, RD-2400-SS, RD-R350-GS, RD-R350-10-SS, RD-RX400, RD-M7000-10-SGS, RD-M675-GS, RD-M675-SGS, RD-M670-GS, RD-M670-SGS, RD-M663, RD-M662, RD-M640-SS, RD-M6000-SGS, RD-M615-GS, RD-M615-SGS, RD-M610-GS, RD-M610-SGS, RD-M601, RD-M593, RD-M592-SGS, RD-M591-SGS, RD-M4000, RD-M430, RD-M3000, RD-M390, RD-M370-SGS, RD-M2000, RD-T670-A-SGS, RD-T661, RD-T6000-SGS, RD-T610-SGS, RD-T4000, RD-T3000, RD-F800-GS, RD-F800-SS, CT-S500
  • Compatible Series: SHIMANO 105 5800 Series, SHIMANO 105 5700 Series, TIAGRA 4700 Series, TIAGRA 4600 Series, SORA 3500 Series, SORA 3400 Series, CLARIS 2400 Series, CLARIS R2000 Series, GRX 10-speed, SLX M7000 Series, SLX M670 Series, SLX M660 Series, DEORE M6000 Series, DEORE M610 Series, DEORE M590 Series, DEORE M530 Series, DEORE M510 Series, DEORE T6000 Series, DEORE T610 Series, SHIMANO DEORE LX T670 Series, SHIMANO DEORE LX T660 Series, ZEE M640 Series, SHIMANO ALIVIO M4000 Series, SHIMANO ALIVIO M430 Series, SHIMANO ALIVIO T4000 Series, ACERA M3000 Series, ACERA M390 Series, ACERA T3000 Series, ALTUS M2000 Series, ALTUS M370 Series, ALFINE S7000/S700 Series, SHIMANO CAPREO F800 Series, ALFINE S500 Series, NEXAVE T400 Series, SHIMANO 

  • Brand = Shimano
  • Color = Black
  • Condition = New

Item ID: 67229

Category: Rear Derailleur

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