We offer full service bike repair, ski and snowboard waxing/tuning and snowshoe/Hok rentals.

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Full Service Bike Repair

Walk-ins welcome. Appointments are recommended for advanced diagnostics and custom work.

When you bring in your bike you'll receive a free in-person inspection and repair estimate so you'll feel confident in knowing what your bike needs and what we can offer to get things running smoothly. We're also committed to a fast turn around, so you won't have to be without your ride for an extended period of time.

Service Packages

*We are not currently servicing electronic components on e-bikes*

Basic Tune-Up
(or Single Speed)
Full-Service Tune-Up 
(Derailleur Bike)
Full Suspension
Fluid Change
$45 $80 $150
  • Torque critical fasteners
  • Brake adjustments
  • Shifter adjustments
  • Chain lubrication
  • Frame wipe down*
Basic Tune-Up Plus:
  • Wheel truing
  • Headset adjustments
  • Hub adjustments
  • Bottom bracket adjustments
  • Clean wheels and frame*
  • Replace oil in fork lowers
  • Rear shock air can oil
  • Bleed brake fluid, front and rear
  • Labor does not cover rebuild

*Extra dirty cleaning charge 20.00

In addition to the above service packages we offer a complete range of repairs to keep your ride in prime condition, or to bring a neglected bike back to life. Here is a sample of common services:


  • Brake adjustment $15
    • w/cable install $20
  • Hydraulic brake bleed $30


  • Wheel Truing $15 basic - $25 major
  • Install tire or tube $10
  • Add Tubeless Sealant $10
  • Tubeless tape install $20


  • Drivetrain Clean $40
  • Frame/Fork Clean $50

And More!

- Prices do not include parts/fluids

Ski/Snowboard Wax + Tuning

wax and tune

 Wax & Tune Services 

Economy Wax...............$12
hand wax, scrape, minimal brush

Full Wax...............$15
hand wax, scrape, full brush and buff

course file finish, minimal rust

Full Tune...............$20
diamond file finish / Rust removal

PTEX...............$15 First Inch
$10 each additional inch

Snowshoe & Hok Rentals

Rental Details:

Snowshoes...............1 day - $25 
additional days - $12 each

Hok Skis...............1 day - $30
additional days - $15 Each

  • Reservations and Credit Card payments can be made at the shop or over the phone
  • All rentals include a set of MSR collapsible poles
  • Optional MSR Flotation Tails are recommended for snowshoers over 180 lbs or for deep powder adventures
    • Please let us know if you need the Floatation Tails when you are making your reservation
  • Rentals can be picked up as early as 5:30pm the previous day, and must be dropped off by 5:30pm on the last day of the rental.
  • Cancelations can be made 48 hours in advance for a full refund. 
  • Additional fees will be assessed for damaged, dirty, or late returns.