Sell & Trade

  • Clean your items and bring them to the shop.
    • We can not accept gear that is dirty and clothing that has not been recently laundered.
  • We are more selective of things we purchase outright rather than consigning. Age, style, condition and demand are all taken into consideration.
  • Sellers will be required to complete our contract the first time they sell.
  • A scan of current, government issued photo ID and picture of the seller will be stored on location. A new photo will be required for each transaction.
  • Payment is in the form of a bank check, there is no cash option.
  • Proceeds used as store credit will be eligible for additional 20%.
  • Bicycle description and serial number will be checked against the national registry to verify ownership.
  • Prices for items placed on consignment are an open discussion but we do not negotiate on cash offers and reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.