Going Out of Business

Published 4/1/2024

As I’m sure you can guess, this has been an extremely challenging week for me, and the entire Rambleraven team. However, we all deeply appreciate all the support we’ve received from the community – thank you all for the kind wishes, hugs, fun stories, gifts, and, of course, all your support.

We’re happy to announce that you can now use your store credit online. When viewing your cart (before the checkout page) we now have a button labeled: USE STORE CREDIT directly above the CHECK OUT button. Check this button, log in, and enter how much store credit you would like to use (do not enter more than your available amount). And then proceed to checkout. If you have a remaining balance you can enter a credit card, if not just enter your contact information and complete checkout. If you need any help with the process please reach out to us via email.

We’ve been receiving an overwhelming number of emails and calls since we announced that we’re closing. While we’re trying our best to answer all the emails, we’re not able to respond to any voicemails. The best way to contact us is to either come see us in store, or to send an email to info@rambleraven.com

For those looking to shop in-store, we’ll be open from 11 to 5 Tuesday through Sunday. We remain closed on Mondays. Our last day of operations will be April 20th, 2024.

While it’s been great to see so many people coming into the store, theft has been excessive over the last week. Both consigned and store owned inventory. If you notice any suspicious behavior while you’re shopping with us, we’d appreciate if you let a staff member know as soon as you can.

On a lighter note, we’ve started marking down our inventory: everything in store, including all remaining consignment items, is now 25% off, unless it’s marked otherwise.

We have a growing list of consignors who would like to hold out for a check. While we still can’t fully commit to a payout, please let us know if you’d like to be added to that list. We will know more after our last day of operations on April 20th. Our relationships with you as consignors have been much more personal than any business account, and that is what has made this process so difficult. There is no easy way though this but know we are doing our best.

Lastly, a note on the future of Rambleraven. In our first emails, we asked people to reach out if they were at all interested in purchasing Rambleraven or its business model. We’ve received some interest, and I’m having a few different discussions. The past month has taught us that nothing in life is certain, so we’ll be continuing to liquidate all inventory. However, there is still a chance that someone else will pick up the ball and take it across the finish line.

For now, we appreciate your continued support and patience. Please help spread the word and make the most of these last few weeks. Thank you again for the past seven years, and for all the love over the past week.