Consignment Information

How to Consign

- Clean your items and bring them to the shop.
We can not accept gear that is dirty and clothing that has not been recently laundered.
Learn more about the items we do and do not accept below...

- Fill out a consignor agreement and agree on a selling price.
We will work with you to determine a selling price based on age, condition and original retail value.

Our rates are as follows:

$1 – $99.99 = 50% of the proceeds to you
$100 – $249.99 = 60% of the proceeds to you
$250 – $499.99 = 70% of the proceeds to you
$500 and up: = 80% of the proceeds to you

You can earn an extra 20% if you use your proceeds as in-store credit


Once your items sell you will have the opportunity to get paid in the form of a check or you get an additional 20% if you use that money as store credit.

Additional information:

  • We ask that items stay in the store for at least 30 days. If you would like to remove an item before that 30 day period a 20% fee will be assessed
  • We do not negotiate on sale prices but do hold bi-annual seasonal sales and will periodically mark down old inventory
  • We print out checks on demand. We only ask that you do not collect more than one check in a 30 day period

Are you too busy to load up and come our way? Are you too busy to load up and come our way? Call us for free pickup. This service is by appointment and is only available for high value items or larger quantities.

What we carry

We work on a two season business model. Summer sales start at the beginning of spring until the end of September. Winter sales start at the beginning of fall and continue until the end of March. The dates will shift based on that year’s local weather and demand. We accept all gear year round regardless of the season but out of season items will be placed in storage until the relevant season has arrived.

Below is a list of items that we carry.

  • Backpacking/Camping Gear: Backpacks, tents, sleeping pads, sleeping bags, bivy sacks, camp stoves, cookware, water filters.
    - What we don’t take: Inexpensive square sleeping bags, sticky, peeling or odorous vinyl, rubber and other waterproof materials.
  • Technical Outerwear and Clothing: Shells, insulated jackets, rain wear, ski/snowboard jackets and pants, hiking clothes, gloves, boots.
    - What we don’t take: Cotton garments that are not industry relevant or not in excellent condition. Footwear with separating soles or less than 50% tread.
  • Road and Mountain Biking: Complete bikes, bike parts, components, helmets, shoes, pedals, clothing 
    - What we don’t take: Helmets older than 10 year or have notable damage, inexpensive department store bicycles, bikes that need significant maintenance in order to be considered functional.
  • Winter Sports: Alpine skis, alpine touring skis, telemark skis, snowboards, snowshoes, bindings, boots, poles, goggles, helmets, gloves, jackets, pants, layering clothes, backpacks, avalanche equipment
    - What we don’t take: Skis with non-indemnified bindings, skis/boards with significant edge and base damage, rear-entry ski boots over size 20.5 mondo, bent poles
  • River Sports: Kayaks, rafts, paddle boards, paddles and oars, wakeboards, water skis, surf boards, PFDs, dry suits, wet suits, dry tops, kayak skirts, helmets, dry bags, river shoes, paddling accessories.
    - What we don’t take: Helmets, PFDs and life vests older than 10 year or that have notable damage
  • Climbing: Technical gear, harnesses, shoes, helmets, clothing
    - What we don’t take: Soft climbing gear and helmets older than 10 year or that have notable damage, used climbing ropes, gear that has been recalled or has notable damage.

  • Electronics: GPS, fitness trackers, mapping software, headlamps, watches, avalanche transceiver
    - What we don’t take: non-functional or out of date electronics, halogen lights 

  • Dirt Bikes: Helmets, goggles, jackets, pants, jerseys, boots, gloves, protective gear, luggage, tank bags
    - What we don’t take: Helmets older than 10 year or that have notable damage. Road motorcycle gear both leather or synthetic
    • Hunting and fishing: Rods, reels, waders, tackle, camouflage clothing, bows, crossbows, arrows, apparel
      - What we don’t take: Firearms and ammunition
    • Literature: Guide and trail books, adventure fiction and non-fiction
      - What we don’t take: All non-outdoor focused literature

    Sell or Trade Your Items

    • We are more selective of things we purchase outright rather than consigning. Age, style, condition and demand are all taken into consideration.
    • Sellers will be required to complete our contract the first time they sell.
    • A scan of current, government issued photo ID and picture of the seller will be stored on location. A new photo will be required for each transaction.
    • Payment is in the form of a bank check, there is no cash option.
    • Proceeds used as store credit will be eligible for additional 20%.
    • Bicycle description and serial number will be checked against the national registry to verify ownership.
    • Prices for items placed on consignment are an open discussion but we do not negotiate on cash offers and reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.