About Us

 We opened as NW Outdoors on April 1, 2017 and after three years of consistent growth decided to launch our online store and rebrand to Rambleraven Gear Trader. Offering great deals on gently used outdoor gear is our genesis and our passion but we offer an ever growing selection of new gear as well. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and look forward to serving the community for years to come.


Mark (Owner)
Mark grew up in a rural mid-western farming community. After years of hunting and fishing his passion for the outdoors led him west. After the move his list of hobbies expanded quickly and he became a regular at his local consignment shop. Having a source for quality used outdoor gear and apparel has allowed him to branch into many more hobbies than would have been possible had he been paying retail for all the necessary equipment. After four years in the military and fifteen years as a Production Manager/Industrial Engineer he decided to say goodbye to the corporate world, move to Spokane, WA and open Rambleraven Gear Trader (formerly NW Outdoors). It has been a wild ride but Mark is happy to call the Inland Empire his home and continues to explore the region's vast expanse of mountains and rivers.


Brad recently moved to Spokane from the high-desert mountain mecca of Flagstaff, Arizona, where he spent 20 years cultivating life, and a career, rooted in the outdoors. He has worn various ‘hats’ while working at different local retail shops including General Manager, and Director of Operations. Brad’s life-long love of the outdoors likely began as a youngster, traveling around the country as a competitive runner. This passion for running, molded in youth, led to even more in adulthood. Brad has competed in trail running “ultras” such as the Run Rabbit Run, Trans-Rockies, and Leadville 100, among others. He has also run the Grand Canyon’s Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim route. On a typical day, Brad can be found spending quality time adventuring with his wife, Sara, and their two young children; Elden & Haddie. Some of his favorite places to be are in the saddle of his Santa Cruz Hightower mountain bike, balancing on a stand-up paddleboard, or on his snowboard’ depending upon the season. Brad looks forward to growing with the Rambleraven family, and alongside his new Spokane community, as well.


I grew up in Anacortes, Washington, and developed a passion for the outdoors thanks to the influence of a few friends. Since then, I have enjoyed hiking, backpacking and skiing in my free time. I came to Spokane to study music composition at Whitworth University, and graduated in 2020. Over the past several years here, and especially during a semester abroad in New Zealand, I have delved into climbing and dabbled in mountaineering, too. I also love cooking, being active, and petting dogs.


I grew up 15 minutes outside of Boulder Colorado and in September of 2020 decided to move to Spokane. I have been skiing for most of my life. I also enjoy hiking, biking, camping and climbing. I will miss exploring the Rocky Mountains but am excited for new adventures in the inland northwest.


I was born and raised in the suburbs of Portland, and I moved to Spokane in 2015. I grew up doing Irish dance but quickly fell in love with rock climbing that year. My other passions include backpacking, hiking, camping, music, and debating philosophy with my friends. I am super excited this winter to add skiing (or snowboarding, or maybe both!) to that list, accompanied by many embarrassing falls and frozen fingers.


I'm the shop tech taking care of your bike and ski repairs. Having been around the bike and ski industry for +20 years in all different capacities I have the skills needed to keep your gear working optimally. I've commuted by bike year round, raced at nationals, won a triathlon, skied +100 days/season and strung together 30 consecutive of skiing. I'm also the sole proprietor of  Matthew Larsen Wheelbuilding. While I like my tools you might also find a fishing rod or a book in my hand.


I’m the official shop greeter at Rambleraven Gear Trader. When I'm not blocking the front door or begging you to throw my ball you can find me adventuring with my owner, Mark. I like chasing mountain bikes down single track, trail running through the channeled scablands of Eastern Washington and jumping into class II rapids during whitewater kayak trips.