About Us

 We opened as NW Outdoors on April 1, 2017 and after three years of consistent growth decided to launch our online store and rebrand to Rambleraven Gear Trader. Offering great deals on gently used outdoor gear is our genesis and our passion but we offer an ever growing selection of new gear as well. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and look forward to serving the community for years to come.


Mark (Owner)
Mark grew up in a rural mid-western farming community. After years of hunting and fishing his passion for the outdoors led him west. After the move his list of hobbies expanded quickly and he became a regular at his local consignment shop. Having a source for quality used outdoor gear and apparel has allowed him to branch into many more hobbies than would have been possible had he been paying retail for all the necessary equipment. After four years in the military and fifteen years as a Production Manager/Industrial Engineer he decided to say goodbye to the corporate world, move to Spokane, WA and open Rambleraven Gear Trader (formerly NW Outdoors). It has been a wild ride but Mark is happy to call the Inland Empire his home and continues to explore the region's vast expanse of mountains and rivers.


I've worked at Rambleraven since December of 2017. I've got a background in mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, backpacking, and climbing. I participated in the Spokane Mountaineer's Mountain School in 1998 along with the lead climbing seminar that same year. I also helped out with the mountain school as an assistant instructor for 2 years after completing the course myself. I taught skiing & snowboarding at Mount Spokane ski & snowboard park from 2002 to 2008.


I have been hiking since I was 6, and climbing since I was 14. I've been out on numerous trips, but my favorites have always been with good friends and family. One of my favorite places to go outside is the Sawtooth Crest east of Lake Chelan. I've recently taken up mountain biking and skiing; it's been a pleasant surprise to find out how much faster descending can be!


I was born and raised in the suburbs of Portland, and I moved to Spokane in 2015. I grew up doing Irish dance but quickly fell in love with rock climbing that year. My other passions include backpacking, hiking, camping, music, and debating philosophy with my friends. I am super excited this winter to add skiing (or snowboarding, or maybe both!) to that list, accompanied by many embarrassing falls and frozen fingers.


I’m the official shop greeter at Rambleraven Gear Trader. When I'm not blocking the front door or begging you to throw my ball you can find me adventuring with my owner, Mark. I like chasing mountain bikes down single track, trail running through the channeled scablands of Eastern Washington and jumping into class II rapids during whitewater kayak trips.


I was born and raised in Spokane. After graduating from Western Washington University, I pursued a career in environmental education, guiding trips across the American West and living out of my van for nearly 15 years. During a season of ski bumming in Bend, Oregon I developed a passion for design and code initiating a side hustle as a freelance web designer, which continues to this day. When not pushing pixels or slinging used gear, I spend my time hiking with my dog while geeking out with a field guide.